Oregon Self Storage – Providing the Security and Convenience You Need

By Marcus Walker

Providing local self storage solutions all over Oregon—including Hood River, Hillsboro, Redmond, Bend and Ashland, Secure Storage meets your needs for local self storage.

Forget about storing valuables in your garage or backyard storage shed. With our top-of-line security features such as a gated entry with controlled access, individual alarm systems, facility-wide security cameras and an on-site resident manager, you won’t have to worry about security in your local self storage unit.

Secure Storage has easy road access to self storage units with sliding doors providing you with convenience. Simply drive your car or truck up to your self storage space and load or unload with ease. No more worrying about having to open access doors and walking through a narrow walkway. We have local self storage units for boats and RVs, cars and others. We have climate controlled self storage units if you require that feature. You name it, we got it.

Another benefit of local self storage units is the ability to reduce clutter at home. The canoes, kayaks, ski boats and camping gear could be using up valuable space in that garage or driveway. With a local self storage space, you not only protect your personal valuables from weather, you free up space in the garage for your car.

Find the Self Storage Unit that is Right For You

Here are some questions to ask yourself to find the self storage unit that is right for you:

  • Security: Is the self storage space secure? Does it have adequate anti-theft system? Is there a manager that lives on the premises?
  • Size of unit: What sized self storage space do you need?
  • Cleanliness: Are the self storage units properly maintained? Do they plow the snow when needed? Is it clean?
  • Ease of access: Are the self storage units easy to get to? Do you need to access your self storage space on weekends? What times do you need access to it? Can you access the self storage space by car?

We hope the above questions help you out with your decision making process. Don’t forget, we do have a free move-in truck that you can use.

Call any one of our five self storage locations today for our self storage rates.

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